Nigel Farage’s Plan To UK And EU For Brexit

Nigel Farage, the politician and a political analyst has suggested a new idea that can help to prevent financial disturbance during the Brexit. He disclosed Brexit solution of UK as well as EU for avoiding any kind of chaos in case of no deal Brexit. Farage discussed a plan applicable for two-years where there will not be any restrictions, quotas and tariffs. This will be applicable only if there is no deal related to Brexit creating heavy financial disturbance including medicine, borders as well as customs.

Nigel Farage said this at European Parliament that also featured many important people such as Guy Verhofstadt, Jean-Claude Juncker and others. He also added that people of the nation cannot be controlled if there view changes related to no-deal which will also cause a problem for the MEPs when they face next election in few years. Michel Barnier, EU’s Brexit negotiator also said that it is not easy to find a way for the backstop on Irish border.