Possibility to send military to Venezuela: Trump

President Trump said Sunday United States may send troops to Venezuela to generate more pressure on socialist leader Nicolas Maduro to hand over power to opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has self-declared president of the Latin America country.

Several Latin American countries along with Canada too are in support of Guaido and recognizing him as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

However, Madura has backings from some of the most powerful countries including Russia, China and Turkey.

Western meddling was adding up more troubles in the country and punishing millions of Venezuelans, said Turkish foreign minister.

Reiterating possibility of military intervention Trump said Sunday, “Certainly, it’s something that’s on the – it’s an option.”

Meanwhile, Venezuelans in tens and thousands carried out protests Saturday against Maduro government demanding to hand over the power to Guaido.

Earlier European Union called Maduro to announce data and make way for free and fair presidential election.

Australia and France said if Maduro fails to respond EU calls they would recognize Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Trump administration issued last week sanctions on Venezuelan state-owned oil company to weaken Maduro, but it can also risk exacerbating economic collapse of the country.

Paul Linus