Venezuelan air force head throws support for opposition leader Guaido

Head of strategic planning in Venezuelan air force, General Francisco Yanez, said he is not recognizing Nicolas Maduro as president of the country and instead supporting opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim head-of-state.

Weeks ago, Guaido self-declared himself as temporary leader of Venezuela.

Yanez urged others in the military to support Guaido as leader of the country. He said, “I come here to you to state that I don’t recognize the dictatorial authority of Nicolas Maduro.”

He turned out to be the first in military brass to support Guaido.

Meanwhile, Guaido said Wednesday he had meetings with military officials to grab their support against Maduro and stressed the military to withdraw support against Maduro regime.

United States president Donald Trump recognized Guaido as legitimate leader of Venezuela since the onset of political crisis and lately reached out to China and Russia to convince them to stop supporting Maduro.

Guaido alleged Maduro is not protecting the country and he is not a good for the chair.

Maduro on the other hand proposed Saturday to be holding early elections for the National Assembly.

Paul Linus