Russian plane alleged shipping out gold, oil from Venezuela

Is it a last-minute loot? A Russian plane landed in Venezuelan capital Caracas earlier this week and many are suspecting gold and oil are being shipped out of the country.

Following such reports the Trump administration has warned President Nicolas Maduro of such act by Russia or any other country.

Under condition of anonymity a senior US official said, “There will be consequences for those engaged in such acts… They will be held accountable and they will be missing this unique opportunity to move on.”

Meanwhile, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said Thursday state-backed police unit visited him.

United States added in its warning such intimidation acts are considered serious and egregious.

Guaido is a self-declared president of Venezuela and US is recognizing him as the legitimate leader of the country.

Maduro has supports of couple of powerful countries which have several times demonstrated willingness to commit armed, financial and human resources to thwart American objectives like in the Syria and Ukraine.

Venezuela is undergoing economic and political crisis. Millions of Venezuelan has fled to neighboring countries to escape violence and suffering. More fleeing is on card and famine may become more widespread in the country.

Paul Linus