Gerard Batten Sends Petition To Queen

Gerard Batten, the UKIP leader has made an appeal to Queen Elizabeth II in a written petition where he wants her to hold the parliament till March 29 which is after the Brexit. According to Batten, the MPs are trying to delay the Brexit or even stop it completely. He also mentioned in the petition about the Maastricht Treaty that was done in 1992 is treasonous and the ministers have wrongly made a decision your majesty.

Not only Gerard Batten there is also other politician who raised this issue including Desmond Swayne from the Conservative Party who had mentioned this to the Prime Minister Theresa May but not seriously. He also writes about the 1992 treaty in detail to make the Queen understand the present situation in the parliament. Batten has been working hard to steady his UK Independence Party both politically and financially even though there is lot of criticism faced by him from within the party.