Mexican president announces end to war on drugs

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador declared Wednesday the war on drugs for the country has ended and the army would not prioritize anymore capturing cartel bosses.

Briefing to the press the president said the country now want peace and not war and they will be achieving the peace.

Obrador became president last December and a journalist asked in the press conference whether his government had captured any kingpins in about last two months.

He replied, “No capos have been arrested, because that is not our main purpose. The main purpose of the government is to guarantee public safety… What we want is security, to reduce the daily number of homicides.”

However, critics are skeptical as deployed military has been combating cartels since 2006 and prosecuting the kingpins has fragmented drugs gangs leading to internal fighting.

Obrador was able to grab majority votes in the presidential election with promises to curb widespread violence.and now his proposal of creating national guard has fueled fears that Mexico will be turned permanently into a militarized country.

Meanwhile, security expert Alejandro Hope said Obrador’s proposal is no different from the previous governments.

It is revealed at least 200,000 murders were registered in Mexico since military was deployed. Last year record-breaking number of murders were recorded, 33 percent more than 2017.

Paul Linus