Maduro warns Trump invasion would be worse than Vietnam War

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned United States Wednesday about the danger to face if the country is turned into another intractable conflict like the Vietnam War.

He tweeted, “People from #USA, I ask for your support in order to reject the interference of Donald Trump’s administration which intends to turn my Homeland into a ‘Vietnam war’ in Latin America. Don’t allow it.”

About foru million Vietnamese and at least 58,000 Americans were killed in the Vietnam War, which was expensive and divisive for the US. The war took place from 1955 to 1973 and considered as the second longest in US history after Afghanistan war. US entered incrementally on the side of South Vietnam and fought against Communist North Vietnam.

Earlier Maduro accused US for trying to stage a coup against the government as it is being speculated Trump administration is getting ready to send troops to Venezuela.

The speculation sparked after a scribbled note in a notepad in the hands of US National Security Adviser John Bolton read: “5,000 troops to Colombia.”

Venezuela shares border with Colombia.

The comment of Maduro comes on the same day when Venezuelans in thousands marched in opposition to his regime and to support 35-year-old leader Juan Guaido.

Meanwhile, US press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump had a telephonic discussion with Guaido and both agreed to maintain regular communication to support the country get back to stability.

Paul Linus