Bernd Lucke Wants To Increase AfD Surveillance

Bernd Lucke is an MEP of Germany and also the founder of AfD has said that some of the members in his party can be doubted of their constitutional authenticity. He told this to a newspaper during an interview and agrees with the decision of the German authorities. An announcement was made by the intelligence agency in Germany that they will be increasing the surveillance of AfD party. Another leader from the party Bjoern Hoecke also expects that their country must stop all the postwar methods of using Nazi agreement to avoid such surveillance.

Lucke also said that it is not possible to keep the AfD out of the picture as it already features extreme-right elements and the new members of the party will not recognize the outcome of this. There are three important elections that are expected to happen in the country in the current year and AfD has a high chance to achieve good results.