Sarah Sanders believes God wanted Trump to become president

The first press conference of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders this year and in 41 days was a bit different and unexpected. She said God wanted Donald Trump to become President of United States.

Responding to the question of CBN’s David Brody she said, “That’s why he’s there and I think he has done a tremendous job in supporting a lot of the things that people of faith really care about.”

Brody questioned whether her mind was blown to know Donald Trump of all was sitting president.

Earlier this week, while talking to the Christian Broadcasting Network, Sanders had said God may have called all of them to play different roles and it is believed He wanted Trump to become president.

Defending the proposal of Trump to build a wall at US-Mexico border Sanders said it is the fundamental duty of a president to protect the country’s people.

She continued, “You can expect (Trump) to continue to lead on the effort… he’s a natural born leader… (and wall is) a priority for him.”

Sanders chastised Democratic leadership too for their roles in not condemning two freshman lawmakers accused of harboring anti-Semitic views.

It is outrageous that Democrats failed to call the lawmakers to take back their comments, added the press secretary.

Stressing further on the note and referring to Speaker Nancy Pelosi she said now it is hard to even take lecture from the leadership of Democrats on what is normal and what not.

Pelosi had earlier called the US-Mexico’s proposed border wall as immoral.

Paul Linus