Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy floods Mexico City with migrants

The “Remain in Mexico” policy of Trump for migrants made Mexican Marines busy Wednesday morning cooking beans, eggs and beef for 2,673 people who have arrived here and are eligible to receive hot meals, sanitary amenities, health care, shelter and blankets.

All the migrants are currently housed inside the sports complex into three massive tents and are throughout the day and night is protected by security. They have access to playground and soccer field too.

The migrants need to fill a form here mentioning just country of origin, gender and age. They don’t need to write their names. They can opt to stay in Mexico for up to one year.

However, under the offer to seek temporary asylum the total number of migrants registered for has exceeded 12,500.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the Sec of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Velasco Alvarez, has criticized the “Remain in Mexico” policy of Trump that was implemented last Friday at the San Ysidro port of entry between San Diego and Tijuana.

Migrants in the Mexico City are now guessing for the traditional route to Tijuana. Carlos Nunez, who started his journey on January 15 with the caravan in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, said they may now try Nogales or another port.

Paul Linus