Ted Deutch, The Democrat

Ted Deutch is a politician who is part of the Democratic Party in America. He was also Florida Senate before and won his first election in 2010 before being selected as U.S. House of Representatives in the same year. Deutch was popular for gathering 2,500 people and walking towards Capitol Hill related to the issue that was faced by the children and aged members. During the 2014 general election, he was able to take 99.6 percent of vote.

Deutch also demanded to have serious laws related to guns and their usage in the country. He also supported many events that could provide new options in controlling the guns and to ban semi automatic guns. Ted Deutch also introduced new legislation in the country to endorse Carbon Tax as well as Dividend in 2018. He has been selected as the chief of House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee related to North Africa, Middle East as well as International Terrorism.