Xi Jinping Compliments ACFIC And Other Party Members

Xi Jinping took part in the meeting at Spring Festival and complimented both ACFIC as well as the non-Communist party leaders. He also spoke about developing the society in a moderate way. The meeting was also attended by Han Zheng and Wang Yang, the two officials from the communist party. The economic growth of our country is also stable in the past few years said Xi Jinping in his speech. ACFIC chairman Gao Yunlong also gave a speech at the meeting without relating to any of the political parties.

The Chinese President also requested the ACFIC to contribute to their plans and support in the improvement of the non-government industries which will help in the development of small as well as medium-sized businesses. All of them must come together to support the development and follow policies made by CPC to open up new levels, he added. He also thanked CPC members for their contribution towards reduction of poverty in the country.