New Brexit Plan Named Malthouse Compromise

A new plan on Brexit has been revealed which is expected to have a great support from Tory MPs and others. Mainly Nicky Morgan and Jacob Rees-Mogg have backed this plan along with other ministers that would affect the backstop as well as give a chance for extension of 2 more years. But it is not known whether Theresa May is ready to agree to this new plan as there are some doubts in the mind of few MPs and EU as well.

The new Brexit plan has been created by Steve Baker which is called as Malthouse compromise and there are MPs from both sides said to be discussing about this in secret. According to the new plan the Brexit will happen in time but with few updates that will be easily accepted by everyone. In case this plan fails to get the support, there is also plan B that is expected to give more time for Brexit with WTO terms.