North Korea warns people not to watch South Korean TV

Even though North Korea is trying to trumpet the thawing relations with the southern neighbor through state-controlled media, it does not mean citizens should dare to watch TV programs of South Korea. People may face prison, labor camp or death for the so-called crime.

Lately police has been reminding the residents not to watch television programs from across the border as it may attract punishment.

However, there are several other ways apart from television how the capitalism materials reaches to North Koreans. Activists in the south have used balloons to carry leaflets, USB flash drives loaded with South Korean soap operas and other materials to North Korea.

It is feared these materials can reveal people how better is their southern counterparts and so North Korean soldiers have shot several balloons out of the sky.

Those residents who live near the South Korean border can easily manipulate frequencies of their television sets to receive broadcast signals.

Apart from these ways the content are also made available in black market.

In 2014 the North Korean ruling party executed ten officials for watching South Korean soap operas.

Paul Linus