Shinzo Abe Gets Low Disapproval Rating

Shinzo Abe finds himself in a comfortable position after a period of 6 months where he was facing criticism to resign as Prime Minister of Japan. Even though he had become less popular when compared 2013 in a recent survey his public reach has been improved very well. He has got a disapproval rating that is considered to be very low in a year’s time. There is no serious competition for Shinzo Abe even from the opposition and he can become the longest-serving PM of the country if he stays in his current position till the end of this year.

Parliamentary session started from today which will be used by the Shinzo Abe to put pressure for executing the sales tax. The hike in tax is expected to put more pressure on Abe as it will affect the economy, but can help the social security policies of the families according to the Prime Minister.