Will Hillary Clinton run for 2020

The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has not yet ruled out running for the White House in 2020, reveals CNN’s Jeff Zeleny citing the versions of three people.

Last October Clinton said she would like to be president of United States.

Zeleny said the former secretary of State believes running for the 2020 presidential election could be a possibility as in 2016 she won popular votes over Donald Trump but lost electoral college to him.

He added that most of the defeated presidential candidates don’t close doors ever to run for the Oval Office as it is something that is hard to do and so her campaign could be on card.

However, it is not yet very clear whether Clinton could win a Democratic primary to take on Trump.

Zeleny further continued saying, “But I think we have to at least leave our mind open to the possibility that she is still talking about it.”

Meanwhile, California Senator Kamala Harris kicked off her 2020 campaign on Sunday from her Oakland hometown saying she vows to unite people who have been divided by President Trump and confront toxic politics.

Addressing to about 20,000 people at a plaza near Oakland City Hall Harris said under the current administration America’s position in the world is the weakest.

Paul Linus