Cal. Sen. Kamala Harris launches 2020 campaign from Oakland

On the first day of her presidential campaign on Sunday in hometown of Oakland the California Senator Kamala Harris vowed to confront toxic politics and unite the Trumpian divided country.

She folded the idea of “For the People” in 2020 election campaign by characterizing her track record of being a US Senator, attorney general and district attorney.

Harris said, “I do not lightly dismiss the dangers and the difficulties of challenging an incumbent president. But these are not ordinary times. And this is not an ordinary election.”

Her 2020 campaign was kicked off with a national anthem sung by a black gospel choir before she took the stage. A sermon of unity was preached by a black pastor too.

Without mentioning the name of president Trump she said at the jam packed plaza near Oakland City Hall that America’s position in the world is weakest under the current administration.

Some of her supporters said Harris is trusted as she has a good record as a prosecutor.

Her address to the 20,000 people concluded as, “So today I say to you, my friends, these are not ordinary times. And this will not be an ordinary election. But this is our America.”

As Harris left stage lyric of Hamilton musical soundtrack was played. The interesting words were, “I’m not throwing away my shot.”


Paul Linus