Opposition leader Guaido urges Venezuelan for peaceful protests

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido called for a new round of protests to challenge President Nicolas Maduro’s leadership. He urged people Sunday to hold mass protests on Wednesday, January 30, the day that coincides with EU ultimatum for fresh elections.

Maduro started second term of January 10 and many foreign governments including United States, Australia and Israel call it as illegitimate. They are backing Guaido.

Meanwhile, Maduro rejected in an interview on Sunday the EU ultimatum’s new round of elections and said opposition leader violated Venezuelan constitution by declaring himself as interim leader on Wednesday.

The president added, “Fortunately, we don’t depend on Europe. And those arrogant, overbearing attitudes, looking down on us, because we are ‘sudacas’, inferior to them.”

Maduro further continued in the aired interview on CNN the EU is kneeling behind the policies of US President Trump.

The Trump administration urged Saturday all the countries to pick a side on Venezuela.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan along with Russia and China has strongly voiced their support for Maduro, rejecting calls by Trump and other countries.

The opposition leader Guaido sent a message to Venezuelan forces not to repress the protesters during an event.

He said, “I order you not to shoot… I order you not to repress the people.”

Paul Linus