Once ISIS caliphate was size of Britain, now limited to 6 sq. miles in Syria

The ISIS is now limited to just a pair of dusty villages in Syria and only few hundred of its fighters are currently making their last stand, said US and Kurdish officials.

The group once controlled an area that was of the size of Britain is now only limited to villages of Marashida and Baghuz Fawqani on the banks of the Euphrates River in southeastern Syria.

In about few weeks the area measuring six square miles would be overrun by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and the war with ISIS to wrap up finally in Syria and Iraq after four-and-a-half-year.

This will call for urgency to the same question for Trump administration as when and how the US troops will be pulled out from Syria.

President Trump announced last month to be withdrawing the US forces from Syria. It was received shockingly by allies and an update from White House revealed later the priority is to end war against ISIS before calling back the soldiers.

As of now no date and details have been set as to when and how the troops will be called back to America.

Meanwhile, some equipment was withdrawn lately and it is learned the US troops will mainly focusing on training the local partners and assuring return of militants could be handled.

There’s a fear of regrouping of the militants when the US troops are pulled out.

Besides, suicide bombing stormed a restaurant in Manbij last week and killed four Americans.

Paul Linus