Priyanka Gandhi And Her Political Role

Priyanka Gandhi has finally got the position of General Secretary for congress in Uttar Pradesh. This is not the first time she has been into politics as she has been indirectly working for congress more than ten years. Priyanka Gandhi has been indulging in party works like discussion with other parties for alliance and more. She was also campaigning for congress candidates in few elections and was able to connect with party workers easily.

There was also demand from few party members that Priyanka Gandhi would lead congress as the head of the party. She started her first campaigning for Rajiv Gandhi, her father in 1989 election. She also campaigned for Rahul Gandhi, her brother when he contested in his first election in Amethi. She also criticized Narendra Modi during his prime-ministerial campaigning which also started controversy during that time. Apart from this Priyanka Gandhi has also played key role in forming alliance with parties in some important states of the country.