Non-emergency employees leave Venezuela: State Department

Amid diplomatic crisis in the hyperinflationary economic collapse country Venezuela the US State Department ordered Thursday all non-emergency government employees to leave and warned Americans traveling or residing to depart to the earliest.

The security alert said those US citizens who opt to stay in Venezuela, it is important to ensure having adequate supplies as US government may not be able to provide emergency services beyond few days.

The warning comes hours after Venezuela announced closing its embassy and consulates in the US and calling back all diplomatic staff.

During a televised speech at the country’s apex court in Caracas the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said, “I have decided to return all our diplomatic and consular staff from our country that is abroad and close our embassy and all of our consulates in the United States.”

Maduro said the US diplomatic staff has time until Sunday to leave Venezuela and the Venezuelan staff members are expected to reach capital by Saturday.

He urged the US State Department to follow order issued by his government.

Meanwhile, a senior State Department official said the government is monitoring situation closely and as of now there is no plan to shut the US embassy in Venezuela.

The Defensen Minister Vladimir Padrino announced Thursday the Armed Forces are standing by Maduro.

Paul Linus