Shutdown to continue, Senate blocks bills, Trump wants wall first

The path is now not clear when the partial government shutdown, which is in the second month, is to end following Thursday’s Senate blocking bills.

A total of 60 votes were needed to pass and reopen federal government, but president Trump received more votes in the GOP-held chamber for his threat to veto if he fails to get the funding for US-Mexico border wall.

The Democrats tried to end the shutdown without funding Trump’s wall and give relief to some 800,000 federal workers who are going to miss a second paycheck on Friday.

Neither Trump nor the Democrats showed any willingness to end the shutdown that is in the 34th day.

Meanwhile, Democrats and some of the Republicans have proposed to reopen government temporarily, but the Congress and White House are negotiating for a broader immigration deal.

Trump has called to first secure finance for the so-called border wall before reaching to a deal.

The partial shutdown started on December 22 and since then various services from food safety inspections to FBI investigations and airports have suffered. It is learned the GDP for the first quarter may come down.

A survey recently revealed most of the Americans see the shutdown as a crisis and Trump is mainly being blamed for it.

Paul Linus