Brazilian president vows to make country business friendly at Davos summit

Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro said Tuesday, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he will be making his country safer and more business-friendly.

He pledged to simplify the byzantine tax system and cut public debt as well. He promised to combat organized crime and corruption. He vowed to pull Brazil out of ethical, moral and economic crisis.

The former army captain made his first international trip after becoming president amid tense situation in the country. He is facing growing scandal at home. His son is involved and he is getting ready for a surgery of the removal of colostomy bag that was fitted after he was near-fatal attacked on campaign trail.

His three-week-old government is being criticized on international platform over his statements on environment and human rights.

Bolsonaro was swept to victory last October with his promises to get tough on crime. More people are murdered compared to other countries in Brazil.

He defeated leftist Workers’ Party and centrist PSDB party with 55 percent of votes.

The 63-year-old addressed at the summit for less than 10 minutes. Davos is a good platform for him to show others he is not radical.

Undoubtedly Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America.

Paul Linus