Kamala Harris need to show well in Iowa, New Hampshire to map 2020 win

Kamala Harris touted her background as a prosecutor while formally entering into the presidential race of 2020. In her announcement speech on Monday she defined herself as a barrier-breaker.

kamala harris

At the moment she is being considered as a top-tier candidate because she has good support in California, her charisma and her liberal voting record. She is a biracial woman and black too.

Taking a look at the travel schedule of Kamala Harris for this week will make understand a lot how she is approaching towards the first month of votes. On Friday she will be in South Carolina and thereafter to hometown Oakland in California.

Historically the African-American voters have cast votes more to Democratic candidates in the state. In 2008 Barack Obama was a good example over Hillary Clinton.

However, the big question here is whether she will be able to replicate the success of Obama in Iowa or to show well in New Hampshire. If yes, she will be positioned well in South Carolina.

Here’s what is known so far about early 2020 calendar:

Iowa caucuses – Feb 3
New Hampshire primary – Feb 11
Nevada caucuses – Feb 22
South Carolina primary – Feb 29

Kamala Harris seems to have all the tools to be standing in 2020, but her win will only be paved after February 29. It is mandatory for her to show strong in Iowa or New Hampshire.

Paul Linus