Why Mexicans are facing fuel shortages

In recent years fuel theft has been one of the biggest problems for government in Mexico. Criminals known as huachicoleros steal oil from pipelines and sell in black market. Last year gangs made more than 12,000 illegal taps on the pipes and an estimation of authorities reveal it costs at least $3 billion each year to the country.

Newly-elected president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced shutting down major pipelines to make those protected first from such tapping, but the closures have disrupted supplies. The distribution process was shifted from pipelines to tanker trucks.

According to state oil company Pemex there’s no shortages of fuel in the country but the reason of shortage is problems in delivering the fuel after closure of pipelines.

A press released by the company said, “We will not back down from our fight against fuel theft, a crime that damages the national economy and affects every Mexican directly in their finances.”

People have been affected widely with the closure of pipelines and massive queues are being seen at the fuel stations. Everywhere people rushed to buy fuel.

However, polls show people are with the government and supporting the new fuel measures even though some protests are being seen against the policy.

Paul Linus