BREAKING: Chile struck by massive earthquake

At least two people have been left dead after a massive earthquake of 6.7 magnitude struck coast of Chile, near the city of Coquimbo. The two died out of heart attacks in Punitaqui and Coquimbo respectively.

The quake hit at 10:32 pm local time and initially the National Office of Emergencies issued a tsunami warning but later it was lifted.

The quake was 15 km southwest of Coquimbo and at 53 km deep. Several locations have reported about damages but without immediate news of casualties.

Buildings swayed in northern Chile and people suffered power outages. People in footage were seen running during the tsunami warning.

The country is situated on the Ring of Fire and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are common here. In 1960 Chile suffered the largest quake of 9.5 magnitude in which thousands of people were killed.

Lately, in 2010, more than 500 people were killed when an earthquake of 8.8 magnitude hit the coastline.

Paul Linus