Should Trump rethink troops withdrawal following fresh ISIS attack in Syria

Following the suicide bombing in Syria on Wednesday by the Islamic State terror group it is high time for president Trump to rethink the US troops withdrawal from the war-torn country.

It was the single-deadliest attack on Americans since October 2015 when US soldiers were deployed in Syria. Initially just fifty troops helped local forces fight ISIS, but the number gradually grew. Currently there are 2,000 troops.

The defense and foreign policy establishment points out the ISIS may get a second wind if US troops are withdrawn from Syria.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said the moment pressure is released off the groups, they starts striking again.

Meeting Trump after the attack along with other senators the Florida Republican added, “And if in a year now, they’re waving black flags and cutting heads again on YouTube, we may have to go back in, which would be the worst possible outcome for the president, for the country.”

However, as of now there seems no indication the president would be rethinking over the withdrawal decision as he would like to fulfill his election campaign promise of bringing back the US soldiers from Syria.

In Wednesday’s attack in Syrian city of Manbij at least nineteen people were killed including four Americans.

Manbij is in the northern part of Syria and was retaken from the ISIS in 2016.

Paul Linus