Larry Hogan Gets Re-Elected As Maryland Governor


Larry Hogan has taken oath as the Governor for second time in Maryland and he will be in the office for next four years. Even with all the problems that are surrounding the government shutdown, he was given oath by chief judge Mary Ellen Barbera at a grand ceremony in Maryland. Ben Jealous from Democrat was competing against him for the position of governor, but Hogan was able to win easily to become the second candidate after Theodore McKeldin from Republican to get re-elected for this position.

During his speech Hogan did not mention about any policy related plans that will be used in his second term as the governor. He also condemned the shutdown of government blaming the Democrats and indirectly the president also as he is not so popular in Maryland. There were also other Republicans who were part of the governor election that was held in 2018, only Larry Hogan was able to come victorious.