WAPO wants everyone to know Palm Beach Zoo has changed venues. Why do they want us to know?

The Washington Post wants to make sure everyone knows that a Palm Beach Zoo – Conservation Society charity has changed venues for the 2018 dance. Why do they want us to know? In case you didn’t know, they are letting readers know about this because this charity event was to be held at a Trump owned property.

And now that the Palm Beach Zoo charity has changed the location of it’s event, it’s only right that everyone leans toward the thinking that Trump is a scumball and nobody, not even a charity organization, wants to do business with him!  Right?   I mean, why else would this be WAPO breaking news??

We can only ask:

Is WAPO giving dozens upon dozens of charity function deets (time, date, location, map, hotel/plaza name, who owns the venue, etc) equal air/print exposure? You know, be fair, so that all the people who love charity events will know to update their calendars and/or be made aware/reminded of their favorite cause – and any changes in dates, locations, makeup dates!

Or maybe this is just a jab at TRUMP? . yes, we see you, WAPO.

Not Just Palm Beach Zoo

But, wait! To be sure, WAPO has indeed addressed some other charities’  changes in venue. But guess what? The other charities/businesses that they are spotlighting are only those booked with TRUMP properties. WAPO is giving us a list of charities/businesses that’ve moved their event from a TRUMP property to another location.

Wow, This must be proof that Palm Beach Zoo throwing a fund-raiser and renting out a banquet hall from TRUMP is totally the wrong thing to do. If a handful of organizations/people do something and somehow Trump’s brand is associated, it must be a filthy, deplorable, act of disgrace.

I mean what other conclusion is to be drawn by the article when WAPO puts this in the top of the article. I urge you to hear the words from Trump’s own mouth condemning the violence rather than depending on what the MSM tells you The President said:

The decision by the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is the latest by a charity to move fundraisers from the Mar-a-Lago resort since Trump made comments about white nationalists last week.

Then at the bottom of the article they let us know that TRUMP’s comments are not the real reason for cancellations, nor were they sudden. WAPO refers to PBP:

The Palm Beach Post reports that 19 charities in total have decided not to have their events at Mar-a-Lago in recent months

After scraping through to the last sentence in the WAPO print you find out that Trump’s properties have had tons of successful benefits held with no problems in recent months:

Palm Beach town records showed that 21 charities held events at Mar-a-Lago between last November and April, during the active social season.

And this deserves reqouting:

The decision [by the zoo] is the latest by a charity to move fundraisers from the Mar-a-Lago resort since Trump made comments about white nationalists last week.

If you read the small article posted on wpbf you will see it’s clearly obvious that the Palm Beach Zoo charity wants to bring attention and love to animals and they dont want to do anything that will detract from that. They dont want to be boo’d and hissed at by Social Media warriors. Can you read between the lines and see that?

It is critical that the focus of this special night remains on saving species and raising awareness and money for the hundreds of animals, many of them endangered, in our care


Lets conclude this by quoting from an announcement on the Palm Beach Zoo charity’s facebook page:

“Given the current environment surrounding Mar-a-Lago, we have made the decision to move our annual dinner dance.”

A reply to that post explains the current environment:

“I think it means that there is so much acrimony and protest for the president right now that if your event is there and people protest it might be a big mess. That’s the current environment”

So, to wrap up, it is not a big deal that a dinner dance for 2018 has been relocated. It’s a business decision, in fact, it is a big gamble that may backfire.  You can see that the charity sees Trump as a liability and they are hoping to match the feelings of those who have the deep pockets. Two sides have two points of view. Some are saying COWARDS! Some are saying BRAVO for COURAGE!

The comments written on this page are aimed at an article posted on WAPO http://wapo.st/2fWPhbn