Andre Poggenburg Launches New Party

Andre Poggenburg is part of Alternative for Germany party and now he has decided to organize his own party. He is one of the most popular person in the AfD party, but resigned from the post recently. According to Poggenburg, there are no proper developments in the AfD party in last few months which has made him to decide against it. He has launched the new party along a logo featuring a cornflower.

The new party will be named as Aufbruch der deutschen Patrioten which means Awakening of German Patriots. The cornflower used by Poggenburg party was earlier part of the Nazi members in 1930s and favorite of German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm. The policies used in the new party will also be same as the AfD party policies, he added. Andre Poggenburg has criticized the AfD party saying that he was not happy with them as they failed to fulfill the promises made during the campaigning.