Clive Palmer From Australia

Clive Palmer is a politician from Australia and also a rich businessman in the country. He is the founder of United Australia Party which was earlier known as Palmer United Party formed in 2013 and was able to win his first election at Sunshine Coast during the same year. Palmer’s party is known to have found success in Senate also as his members won it in three different places and he also became member of the parliament after winning at Sunshine Coast with a vote share of 50.3 percent.

In 2016, Clive Palmer decided that he will be retiring from politics and would also not contest in the Senate election. But in 2018 he said that his party will play a vital role in the federal politics with the new name. Palmer is also known for his absence in the parliament for a maximum number of times as he had just 54 percent attendance in 2015 and 64 percent in 2014 during sitting days.