Colleges in the United States file a lawsuit for modifying a new policy regulating student entry

Lawsuit against new policy

Some colleges in the United States have together filed a lawsuit against the government regarding a policy change. This policy adversely affects their international students who have entered the country on a student visa. It debars them from entering the United States for a period varying from three to ten years. The policy was announced by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Later, it was implemented in August 2018 for students who are entering the country on a F, M, J visa. This policy penalizes international students for every violation of the visa rules they are supposed to comply.

Violations of visa terms

A student is considered to be unlawfully present in the United States, if they violate the terms of the student visa. Some of the actions which will be considered a violation are listed . Not informing their school of the change in address violates rules. Any unauthorized employment including a low paying job like babysitting is another violation. Not completing the minimum number of study hours weekly also violates visa rules. Errors by the official in keeping records updated could create problems. If the number of days for unlawful presence exceeds 180 days, the student will not be able to enter the country for 3 year. If the visa rules are violated for more than one year, the student is debarred for 10 years.

How students are affected

In most cases, being unable to enter the United States for a long period of three or 10 years, could lead to the end of the academic career of the student in the United States. Many colleges especially private colleges like the New York based New school have a large number of students from India and China. These students could be adversely affected by these new rules.So the colleges have attempted to get these new rules modified by filing a lawsuit.