Trump mostly blamed for longest shutdown in US history: CNN Poll

The ongoing partial government shutdown is the longest in US history and good portion of responsibility is on President Donald Trump than the Democrats in Congress. A new CNN Poll reveals disapproval rating of the president climbed five points in past one month.

The negotiations have been stalled and neither the president nor the Democrats are willing to compromise. The funding for US-Mexico border wall seems to be have no assurance and the very proposal of this is so deeply unpopular with the public, reveals the CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.

It is revealed 56 percent of the people surveyed in the poll oppose a wall while 39 percent favor it. About 52 percent of the people believe the situation at the borders is not a crisis while 45 percent view just opposite.

Those who said the situation at the border is a crisis also said a wall would help improve things. However, such group is just 31 percent.

About ninety percent of the Democrats are opposing the wall while eighty percent of the Republicans are favoring it. Seventy percent of the Republicans view the border situation as a crisi while thirty percent says a well would fix the crisis. Three-fourth of the Democrats think there is no crisis at the border and just four percent said a wall would help improve the situation.

The SSRS reached 848 US adults on cellphones or landlines by a live interviewer.

Paul Linus

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