US finally begins troops withdrawal from Syria

Amid confusion the coalition fighting ISIS spokesman Col. Sean Ryan announced Friday withdrawal process of US troops from Syria has just kicked off.

He added specific locations, timelines and troop movements will not be discussed for operational security reasons.

The same is confirmed by Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights citing ten armored vehicles and several trucks were seen Thursday night being pulled out from Rmeilan in Syria and headed towards Iraq.

The agency monitors conflict in the country through a network of on-ground activists.

President Trump surprisingly announced last month to be withdrawing troops from Syria. Since then confusion mounted over timeline and lately Turkey threatened to launch attacks on the Kurdish fighters even if Washington delays the pullout.

The Kurdish is partner to US in fight against the Islamic State in Syria while Turkey considers it as terrorists group.

There are currently 2,000 American troops in the war-torn country. Amid speculations about timeline the US National Security Adviser John Bolton said Sunday the troops will not leave northeastern Syria until the Kurdish fighters are guaranteed to remain protected and IS terrorists group is defeated completely.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo too sought the same lately in his visit to Irbil, Iraq’s semi-autonomous capital in Kurdistan region.

Paul Linus