Venezuela President Maduro sworn-in for second term amid criticism

Amid international criticism that the recent Venezuela election was illegitimate, socialist leader Nicolas Maduro was sworn in Thursday for a second term as president amid the presence of thousands of spectators in Caracas.

In his inaugural ceremony Maduro said, “Venezuela is at the centre f a world war led by the United States imperialism and its satellite countries.”

The 56-year-old added that similar to other countries Venezuela too has problems and they can sort it out without any foreign intervention.

In 2013 Maduro succeeded late Hugo Chavez, who had governed the country for about fourteen years and died of cancer.

Protesting second term of Maduro and arguing election was rigged, Supreme Court judge Christian Zerpa fled to United States earlier this week.

Even though US and thirteen other countries criticized second term of Maduro, neighboring countries El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia expressed support for the election results.

Meanwhile, Maduro dismissed such allegations and said opposition should leave them to govern the country.

Venezuela is a good oil producer in the world and about 95 percent of its earnings rely on oil export. In 2014 when the prices of oil dropped internationally, the country was left vulnerable.

The situation led to rise in prices of imported goods including medicine and food. Inflation in Venezuela has skyrocketed.

Paul Linus