Now IB Agents Found Spying CBI Top Bras

4 IB agents were beaten and dragged by Alok Verma’s security personals for spying on his bungalow. Alok Verma is CBI director who is on forced vacation along with his deputy Rakesh Asthana.

The internal controversies of CBI are now in public domain – Director Alok Verma and Additional Director Rakesh Asthana are in the center of these controversies due to their unethical behavior as the high profile officers.

Rakesh Asthana is a Gujarat Cadre IPS officer and is in the favorite list of current PM of India Narender Modi. He holds the additional director position in CBI currently. And, Alok Verma too is in good list of the current government.

Both the top officials have their own theory and allegations against each other but no one knows what the truth is. The top Indian investigating agency is facing serious situation and finally, Government of India has appointed M Nageshwar Rao as interim director.

And yesterday, 4 people were spotted spying the Alok Verma’s residence and the security personals caught them while spying (as per Alok Verma’s point of view). But government revealed that they were on regular patrolling as Jan Path is a high profile area.

Finally IB, CBI, Delhi Police and Home Ministry all are under suspicion and no one knows what the real truth behind the curtain is.