Israeli Politician Moshe Arens

Moshe Arens is a politician from Israel who was part of the Likud political party. He has played various political roles including Foreign Affairs Minister once and three times as the Defense Minister. Arens entered into politics during 1973 elections, but he got a position in the Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee as chairman in the 1977 elections where he was re-elected. During the 1992 election, Likud was not able to perform and lost it.

Arens quit politics after losing the election, but later faced Netanyahu for the leadership of Likud in 1999 getting just 18 percent of vote. Even loosing the leadership election he was appointed as Defense Minister for the third time. He took part in the 2003 election for one last time where Likud lost it and made Arens to leave the cabinet forever. Moshe Arens was not just a politician as he was also a diplomat, aeronautical engineer and Israeli ambassador for U.S.