Moon Jae-in Appoints New Head Of Staff

The head of staff for Moon Jae-in, the President for South Korea has been changed. Im Jong-seok who was the head of staff has been replaced by Noh Young-min by the president himself. Both of them have been part of the presidential campaign for Moon Jae-in during the 2017 election. This change is expected to bring more energy to the administration that has been affected with bad approval ratings as well as a scandal.

Im Jong-seok has played an important role in vitalizing the relation between South and North Korea. The newly appointed head of staff Noh Young-min was working as Chinese ambassador from South Korea. There have been a number of accusations that has been placed on the government that is one of the main reasons for this reshuffle. The approval rating for Moon Jae-in is also seen dipping to a record low since he was elected as the President for South Korea due to various reasons.