Brexit Deal Voting By Theresa May Confirmed

The Brexit deal that will be placed for voting by Theresa May is expected to happen on 15 January. This information was revealed by government sources. The voting was postponed last time and this will not be repeated again as there will be lot of reassurances related to this deal. Theresa May’s deal has been accepted by the EU leaders, but voting needs to be passed with a majority to get it started.

There are around 200 MPs who want May to stop this deal and all of them have also mentioned this in a letter with their signatures. Anyhow UK will be separating from EU on March 2019 whether or not the deal is accepted by MPs. There are a number of Theresa May’s MPs who are also opposing the deal making it slightly harder to get the majority during voting. But Kwasi Kwarteng, the Brexit minister has rejected all the news related to government losing the vote.