No Politics On Whelan Says Chrystia Freeland

Chrystia Freeland is the Foreign Affairs Minister who has criticized Russia related to Paul Whelan arrest. Whelan is a former Marine from the United States of America and he is a Canadian born who currently has been imprisoned in Moscow. According to Ms. Freeland’s spokes person, they want to know the charges placed against Whelan and Russia must not use this to play political games. Another source says that Whelan is an innocent who likes to travel on duty.

David Whelan, fraternal twin of Paul Whelan said that both of them were from Canada and born of British parents. Whelan went to Moscow last month to attend a wedding when he got arrested and kept at Lefortovo Prison. Later on it was revealed that Russian prosecutors have assumed him to be a spy. He had visited at least three times to Russia according to his brother and there are official records to it, he added.