Will world lose confidence on US government with long shutdown period

Neither president Trump nor the Democrats has much incentive to compromise on the US-Mexican border wall funding issue that has put the government on partial shutdown or third consecutive week. Both sides have framed their positions in such a way that victory for one entails defeat for the other.

In Friday’s meeting Trump said to the Democrats he is prepared for the shutdown to continue even for years if he fails to get the money required for building of the wall.

The longest government shutdown was between late December 1995 to early January 1996 It was for 21 days. If the third week crosses in the Trumpian leadership, it will be the longest in modern history.

Americans should be prepared for one basic thing that if the shutdown continues for longer period, it would exert real negative gravitational pull on government stability. There will be a message of dysfunction.

If the two parties agree reaching a standoff, the message to the world would be not of cooperation, but of underlying disagreement. The cooperation would just be occasional and accidental. It will be said as if the government has higher priorities than actually governing.

As of now it seems the Democrats are leaving Trump with his political experiment, but in long run this would lead to lower confidence of the world in US government.

Trump and Democrats need to understand that government stability is more important than national security.

Paul Linus