Why China’s economic growth slowing; How Trump should deal

The exact reason for the slow economic growth of China is not clearly known. The official statistics of Beijing is not perfectly reliable amid the announcement of Apple last Wednesday that its sales in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been lower-than-expected. The 2019 seems challenging for the country and the spillover effects may also reflect on the global economy.

President Trump need to deal wisely with the US-China relationship. His imposing pain on China in terms of tariffs is a part of the plan to force it reduce trade deficit with the US and thereafter gotten the attention of Beijing.

The strategy is working and Chinese premier Xi Jinping has agreed to hold a fresh discussion with president Trump. Key concerns will be discussed and Trump has promised to postpone new round of tariff on additional $200 worth of goods until March 1.

However, if considered the strong dollar and booming US economy, the exports of China to the US didn’t decrease lately.

The two leaders now have about sixty days to determine whether to steer past a possible trade war.

Paul Linus