Why Trump’s courage should be applauded for Middle East policy

Whatever one thinks about president Trump amid more than two weeks of government shutdown and threat of declaring national emergency, his argument is sound and always was sound, since his campaigning days for the presidency election. He and his thoughts were embraced by tens of millions of Americans and this is one of the reasons he got elected. He spoke truth about US foreign policy in the Middle East. He argued that the nation has achieved almost nothing by spending trillions of dollars on wars and occupation in the region. The money could have been spent to help Americans lead better lives.

The big question is that does US citizen know the nature and size of post-2001 expanding military footprint.

The surprise decision of Trump to withdraw troops from Syria lately is an override of the advice of his generals and also of the entire foreign policy establishment.

Many are crying foul and it is argued America is in retreat and this will lead towards weakening of global leadership. They want military presence should be there forever-and-ever, till death-do-us-part in Syria as well as other Middle Eastern countries.

It is to take note that the group is same who advocated the idea of advance regime-change in Libya and Iraq. They are now saying the same for Syria and Afghanistan. They are still being given ears. Will these be best for America? No. And this is the reason Trump’s courage is applauded.

Paul Linus