Trump’s White House was chaotic; Pelosi’s will follow ‘rules of game’

The White House of Trump can be sometimes defined as wild, undisciplined, chaotic and disorderly because the one thing the president couldn’t abide is ‘Rules’. He even didn’t bother to learn the ‘Rules’.

However, there’s a breath of relief as the Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives and it is time for the president to get schooled in the rules of game.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reclaimed the gravel and vowed to show Americans its power. The game has changed significantly. She started her new journey by sending a brief letter to Trump with instruction to deliver a State of the Union address on January 29. Her message is clear – this is her territory.

About the US-Mexico border wall funding Pelosi said it should be called as a barrier between reality and supporters of Trump apart from the same between America and Mexico. She refused to fund the signature promise of Trump to build a wall.

In past two years of Trump’s territory in White House several ethics scandals passed by Congress and now when the Democrats chair committees of jurisdiction, power to jail could be exercised.

It seems Pelosi will be reintroducing the Trump White House to reality. She will be putting serious breaks on a runaway train.

Paul Linus