Dave Loebsack Blames Republicans For Government Shutdown

Dave Loebsack, the U.S Representative has urged to end the politics game that is happening to reopen the federal government. He has been the representative for a long time now and wants to continue to work for the people of Iowa by providing job, education and improving the economy. To do all this we must reopen our federal government or leave the government workers unemployed or pay them without any work.

Loebsack also said the shutdown of the government is fully politically motivated. Both Republicans and President Donald Trump have been playing politics by not opening some division of the government that does not have anything to do with the border security. Federal government has been closed for 13 days till now and the president has presented his view by blaming the entire situation on the Democrats. Meanwhile, there was a request from president to pass a legislation to reopen the government, but the Democratic leaders rejected it.