Jens Spahn- Youngest German Parliament Member

Jens Spahn, a politician from Germany is the present Federal Minister for Health and also the youngest to be present in the parliament of the country. He is the member of lower house in federal parliament and also the member of Committee of Health. Spahn tried to stand for the election for CDU leadership in 2018 after Angela Merkel announced that she will not participate in the election, but he failed to win. Spahn had entered the parliament when he was 22 years since then he has become an important member.

Spahn was selected as the Parliamentary State Secretary under Wolfgang Schauble and he was able to manage the annual budget of German government. He also took charge of Germany during the meeting on annual budget of EU. During Angela Merkel fourth cabinet he went to become the Federal Minister for Health in 2018. Jens Spahn has had different political roles during his career including human rights, pension and health policies.