Is Trump readjusting positions of US and Turkey with troop withdrawals from Syria

One interpretation on US pulling up stakes in Syria argues it is a just a readjustment of Washington and Ankara positions in Syria. It will also pave the way for Israeli action against Hezbollah terror group.

Israel have earlier, for long, talked about zero tolerance for Iran adding long-range precision missiles to the arsenal of Hezbollah, or even allowing the terrorist group to establish presence in Syria.

So, with the withdrawal announcement of troops from Syria the US seems to play a role to prevent messy conflict that would otherwise escalate a much wider war.

April 9 Israel will go into polls and if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition comes to power again, Hezbollah will be dealt a serious blow.

According to Trump administration sources the president is yet to take decision on the future force levels in Afghanistan. From corners it is suggested Trump should not make the same mistake as former president Barack Obama made by pulling out troops from Iraq. A complete walk-away from Afghanistan would destabilize the region.

China has to lose more compared to the US in a trade war. Its expensive Belt and Road has been criticized by many and also the country has suffered setbacks in Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Maldives about a year ago. It is time for China to rethink over dealing with US. It is evident. Look the recent pause button hit by Chinese President Xi Jinping in the trade war.

Paul Linus