Why old fashioned wall when border security uses latest technology: Democrats

The issue is not border security as both the Democrats and Republicans support it, but it is the real definition of the word “wall.” Presently it seems a wall is not a wall and President Donald Trump forced the partial shutdown not over ideology. It was rather semantics.

Trump seeks the wall to be something big and beautiful, which means he wants to construct a strong and powerful wall.

Let’s take a look to his New Year’s Eve tweet. He wrote, “Please explain to Democrats that there can NEVER be a replacement for a good old fashioned WALL!”

Well, the eyes of Democrats probably keep on rolling over the tweet questioning an “old fashioned wall?” It is very true the border security use latest technologies and so why a barricade to be defined as a wall.

It is time to watch how the Democrats satisfy their own base. They can give Trump a high security invisible wall and help in bring to end the ongoing government shutdown.

They can draft the Homeland Security Department appropriations bill for the funding of Trump’s wish. They can call it as bulwark, blockade, barricade or deterrent as long as it is believed to be a good old fashioned wall.

Trump should understand the Homeland Security Department has program based on latest technology and upgraded science and equipped with air based, ground based, and tunnel detection technical capabilities. It has radar, data solutions, wing surveillance and ground sensors too. These deserve to be better than the good old fashioned wall.

Paul Linus