The Progress of the Governor Race in Florida

It seems to be the talk of the past couple of weeks. The race for the next governor of Florida has been one of the most watched events as of lately. The stakes are quite high between Gillum and DeSantis.
The two potential governors have very strong-willed personalities and are both quite knowledgeable in their politics. However, Wednesday night’s debate is by far one of the ugliest out of the previous debates that have taken place.

So far it is looking like chances are quite high that Florida is looking at having a Democrat as their governor. Florida hasn’t had a democrat as governor since 1990 when Lawton Chiles was elected as governor. It seems that the Floridian people are opting for a change in the year of 2018.

This change in having a democratic governor would be a huge thing for the democrats as there will also be some changes in the legislative and congressional decisions that have been controlled by the Republican Party’s decisions over the last decade.

Gillum’s background story has seemed to win many voters for him and there is a possible future of building Florida into a renewed state with his young and diverse supporters.