The French President Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron is the French President who has been serving in this position from 2017. He received a vote of 66.1 percent to win and he is known to be youngest President to be elected in France. During the presidential election Macron was able to win it in second round to become the French president. He was also part of the Brussels summit that was held in 2017 where he met Donald Trump.

Emmanuel Macron was selected as Deputy Secretary General for Francois Hollande during. He resigned from his post in 2014 even though he was offered to be part of municipal elections which he rejected. Emmanuel Macron has also received a number of honors both nationwide and internationally. During his initial stage as president there were a number of development plans introduced including law enforcement, labor laws and more. He is part of the En Marche and he is also the founder this party.